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The world is changing and growing all around us and it has now come to the attention of nearly everyone that we need to come up with some new strategies and solutions when it comes to energy consumption. Natural gas has been used for some time in homes to run ranges and ovens or heat the property but the government in recent years is starting to see this natural resource's potential. The Mackenzie Gas Project will build a gas line that extends from the Mackenzie Delta to the Interconnect in Alberta. This is an 1196-kilometre pipeline and will create more energy opportunities for those working in class actions Canada based from Tulita to families in Inuvik.

There are three discovered natural gas fields in the Mackenzie Delta. They are Parsons Lake, Taglu, and Niglintgak. From these areas and some other sources in the region it is believed that as much as 1.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas will be coming through the pipeline each day. This is enough energy to heat more than all of the homes in Yellowknife for one year. With one trillion cubic feet you could heat all of the homes in Canada for the same amount of time. This means that this line will not only affect the lives of those living within the Northwest Territories but the rest of Canada as well. If you're working in executive search Toronto projects or have a home in Vancouver you should know about this initiative.

The gas reservoir in Mackenzie Delta was discovered in the 1970s but it took until now for everything to come together to begin this project. This is thanks to an improvement in the available technologies and land claims needing to be settled with many of the aboriginal land that it will pass through. Everyone from mortgage brokers Canada based to those doing search engine optimization in Canada are also increasing their interest in this project, which has definitely helped to move it forward.

The Mackenzie Gas Project will take $16 billion dollars and four to seven years to complete. It is still in the planning stages and there are still studies to be done on the land to make sure the plan is feasible. Not only is this bringing in a more environmentally friendly energy source to these regions but it is creating new job prospects as well. If you're saving money to become a Toronto naturopath or enjoy this sort of work there is already a need for as many as eight hundred workers in the preparation stage.

There are four major gas and oil companies behind this project, as well as a group representing the interests of the aboriginal people. They are Imperial Oil Resources Ventures Limited, ConocoPhillips Canada (North) Limited, Shell Canada Limited, ExxonMobil Canada Properties, and the Aboriginal Pipeline Group. All four of the companies will be co-owners of the pipeline and each owns their own section of the gas fields. If you're currently buying oil ETFs this project might affect your investment portfolio in the coming years. - Century 21
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